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Japanese Language

  • Jisho: A very flexible and multi-functional Japanese-English Dictionary
  • Weblio: A good J-E dictionary if you want multiple example sentences (in Japanese)
  • Eijiro: The dictonary of choice for many professionals (in Japanese)
  • Google Translate app: The new instant translation is great - just point the camera at a sign or menu and the translation pops up instantly. The ability to write an unfamiliar kanji directly on the screen is also extremely useful when you can't figure out the reading.

Japanese Studies

Free Online Journals

Newspapers, Other


  • Hyperdia: Easy to use train and bus timetable/route finder in English, Chinese, & Japanese
  • LiveJapan!: Up-to-date Tokyo sightseeing information plus coupons
  • Japan Guide: Useful nationwide travel recommendations and reports

Trouble? Need Help while in Japan?

  • IN EMERGENCIES DIAL 110 (police) or 119 (fire/ambulance) [non-emergency=9110]
  • Tokyo English speaking police (Mon-Fri 8:30-5:15) 03-3501-0110
  • International Medical Information Centre (AMDA) 03-5285-8088 (interpretation service)
  • Tokyo English Lifeline (TELL): The only English lifeline in Japan (9am-11pm 03-5774-0992). Also offers fee-based face-to-face counselling including distance (skype) counselling.
  • Japan Helpline: Offers 24-hour emergency assistance or just answers to simple questions (0570-000-911).
  • AIDS HOTLINE: Free 24-hour information number for foreigners in Japan (0120-46-1995)
  • The Asian People's Friendship Association (APFS): Offers consultations (03-3964-8739) and support for undocumented foreign residents (