My Writing

(Below is a list of writings which are, for the most part, freely available on the web. Click the red year on the left to read the full text of the article or paper)

2024b     'Japan'a Multiculturalism Fails to Keep Pace with Rising Migration'. East Asia Forum 16:1 (January-March), pp.23-26
2024b    「日本人とは誰なのか?」(Who are the Japanese?), J-Wave Interview, Feb. 18.
2022    'COVID-19 Border Policies Strengthen Japan's Insular Mindset'. East Asia Forum (October 12)
2021   'The Impact of COVID-19 on Foreign Residents in “No Immigration” Japan: Structural Inequity, Japanese-style Multiculturalism, and Diminishing Social Capital.'  IRiS Working Papers Series (Birmingham: Institute for Research into Superdiversity) (48), December. pp.1-22 [This was also presented on October 29th at the Institute of Asian Migrations and the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at Waseda University (online). The recording can be viewed here].
2020b   'Keeping the Door Closed: The 2018 Revisions to the 'Immigration' Control Act as a Continuation of Japan's ‘No-Immigration’ Principle'. Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies 20:1 (April).
2020a    'Japan fumbles through the COVID-19 crisis'. East Asian Forum Quarterly (April). 
2018    'Genuine Immigration Reform Still Alien to Japan'. East Asian Forum Quarterly (Nov.).
2016d   'Why China Is the Key to Understanding Japan’s Approach to Immigration'. World Politics Review (Nov. 22).   
2016c  「国際化、多文化共生、また日本の『開国ジレンマ」(Internationalisation, Japanese-style Multiculturalism, and Japan's "Opening-up" Dilemma) anjali 31 (June), pp.10-11
2016b   'Multicultural Japan still far off despite "Consideration"'. East Asia Forum Quarterly 8:3 (Sept. ), pp.32-33.
2016a    '“Killing the Practice of Whale Hunting is the same as Killing the Japanese People”: Identity, National Pride, and Nationalism in Japan’s Resistance to International Pressure to Curb Whaling'. Japan Focus 14 (8:2)  (April 15).
2015     'Silencing the Voices in Tokyo’s First Ever Local Referendum. Is Japanese Civil Society Really Flourishing?'. Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies 15:1 (April).
2014b     'Japan’s ‘no immigration principle’ looking as solid as ever'. Japan Times (June 19).
2014a    'Can immigration reform really save Japan?'. East Asia Forum (June 5).
2013b    'Democracy, interrupted: How local voices were silenced in Tokyo’s first referendum'. Japan Times (June 18).
2013a    'Ambivalent Japan turns on its ‘insular’ youth: System discourages overseas study but students get blame'. Japan Times (May 21).
2011b    'Media Grasp for Words to Sum up Post-3/11 Grit'. Japan Times (June 21).
2011a    'Students Choose Failure over Uncertainty'. Japan Times (April 19).
2010c    'Appeals to culture, tradition ignore the historical facts: Small-scale hunts of past don't justify trips into Australia's backyard'. Japan Times (Aug. 17).
2010b    'Higher education: opening up or closing in? Contradictory reform goals could scotch chances of success'. Japan Times (March 23).
2010a    'The ‘Illusion’ of Homogeneous Japan and National Character: Discourse as a Tool to Transcend the ‘Myth’ vs. ‘Reality’ Binary'. Japan Focus (March 1).
2009      'Immigration showing signs of ninjo: More humane system may be on the horizon'. Japan Times (October 27).
2008c    'Celebrating ‘Multicultural Japan’: Writings on ‘Minorities’ and the Discourse on ‘Difference’'. Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies (Dec. 10).
2008b    'Soft Power is Key to Japan Re-shaping its Identity Abroad', Japan Times (Sept. 2).
2008a    'The Lowest Form of Flattery?'. Japan Times (March 11).
2007c    ' ‘Multicultural’ Japan Remains a Pipe Dream', Japan Times (March 27).
2007b    'Multicultural Japan? Discourse and the ‘Myth’ of Homogeneity', Japan Focus (March 24).
2007a    ' ‘Loss’ and ‘Recovery’ of Voice among Korean International Marriage Migrants', Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies (February 2).
2004      'Maintaining Identities: Discourses of Homogeneity in a Rapidly Globalising Japan'. Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies (April 19).