Friday 2 June 2017

50 Posts - Thank-you!

Since the first post on March 7th I have now reached 50 posts with almost 1800 views from over 20 countries worldwide. Thank-you everyone, especially my Japanese audience who, somewhat unexpectedly, make up the biggest group! I started off the blog for my self mainly, with a view to becoming more observant and learning about the everyday things around me which are very easy to miss and take for granted. In that sense it has been a success. But I never expected such a high number of views and such brilliant support and feedback and for that I am very grateful. The frequency of blog posts has slowed from one a day to one every two or three days now, but I have tried hard to maintain the quality (if you do like a post, please do consider sharing it on social media!). As for the future, I have a few ideas for new things - such as a glossary and reading recommendations - but would love to hear suggestions and requests from you folks out there too! Anyway, thank-you again for your support - as the Japanese say, korekara mo dōzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!